7 Sent - Colorado Realtor Jamie Patrick

2019 – A Year in Review

What a privilege it has been to come alongside some amazing families and individuals this year and help them navigate the often stressful but always rewarding real estate market here in Colorado. I wanted to spend a little time looking back over the year and celebrating not only the “wins” of home buying and selling, but, more importantly, what these transactions meant for many in our community.

Utilizing the resources we have been blessed with as a means of giving back to our community has been – by far – the highlight of my year. In addition, it was amazing to watch my clients get excited about choosing which nonprofit the proceeds from their home transaction would benefit.

Many had stories of their own to share that impacted the organization they chose at closing.

One especially fun event was Step Up Denver. We were able to give a good amount of money to benefit individuals with Down syndrome and join forces with many of our closest friends to celebrate all that the “Down Syndrome Club” has meant for us as a family and community.

A few of my transactions involved tears of goodbye to good friends. One family’s willingness to trust me with their home sale benefitted children like their own who came to them via foster care and adoption.

As we entered fall – and much colder weather – we were able to give warm clothing, blankets and supplies to those without homes.

Helping families and individuals find their community and landing spot brings me much joy! I have developed lasting friendships and love hearing their stories of new relationships forming on their streets.

As a result of the many represented here, Seven Sent was able to give 46 pairs of pajamas, 130 pairs of socks, and undergarments and health necessities for 45 children entering foster care via Meghan’s Wish. We provided 6 apartment bins with all the necessities for setting up a house as well as 6 new beds to refugees via Lutheran Family Services. Twelve people received warm blankets, beanies, scarves and gloves via the Denver Rescue Mission. In addition, a total of $6,420 was given to non-profits like The Rising, Global Refuge, Step Up Denver, and other community-based initiatives. Thank you for enabling us to give back to those in need! We are excited to see what 2020 holds. Happy New Year!

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