7 Sent - Colorado Realtor Jamie Patrick

Seven Sent Partners with The Rising and Denver Rescue Mission

We have experienced unusually cold temperatures through the fall season this year. This can be especially difficult for those without houses. I was made aware of an urgent need for warm clothing and blankets soon after a closing and contacted my clients to see if they would be willing for the funds I had set aside to go toward purchasing some necessities that would benefit individuals in the Denver metro area – many of whom were suffering from frostbite due to extreme temperatures.

As is so often the case with these initiatives, I was reminded of one of our own children who experienced a bitterly cold winter without a house his first year of life. Our family says often that categories and titles assigned to demographics in society become real people with names and stories when we choose to engage with them and listen. Such is the case with those battling homelessness.

Because of the privilege I had to help Jason and Sarah Little purchase their home, we were able to donate $450 to The Rising and provide several new beanies, gloves and scarves to the Denver Rescue Mission to be distributed as well as 12 blankets that will be given to men beginning new jobs and steps toward independence. I am grateful for the opportunity to not only help those in our community buy and sell their homes, but to also be able to utilize the resources I am blessed with to help those without houses.

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