Step Up Denver Celebration

On Sunday, September 22nd, Seven Sent – alongside a team of close to 60 people – celebrated the life of individuals like our son Jonathan who have Down syndrome. The day was filled with a lot of laughter, food, music and games – all things that our Jonathan enjoys immensely.

Our family

We had some friends who weren’t able to join us that donated money to the cause as well as Mann Method PT and Fitness – who helped purchase our team shirts!

In addition, Taryn Bellavance – from Fairway Independent Mortgage – donated a portion of her proceeds from our recent closing with Jason and Sarah Little.

This closing helped fund Step Up Denver!

When all the totals came in, we raised $1,685 to benefit research and provide resources to families like ours. A big thank you to all who participated as well as those who entrust me with their home transactions that make all this possible. Step Up Denver is an annual event held each September at City Park Denver. We would love for YOU to join us in 2020!

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