One More Apartment Bin and Two Beds for Refugees

The close of this brand new home enabled Jaclyn and me to go shopping for refugees again! Jonathan and Breanne were first time homebuyers who recently moved from out of state. It has been a joy getting to know them as we searched for just the right spot. They chose Jaclyn’s Seven Sent cause at closing, and Lutheran Family Services said that apartment bins and beds are their biggest ongoing need. If they don’t have those apartment supplies on hand, the organization is often forced to take from the refugees’ stipend to purchase these items when they arrive. This means less for these individuals to live on while they are securing employment.

This cause is dear to our family’s heart specifically because of a family that we met soon after they arrived in America. Over the course of a few years, we shared many meals together, a few holidays and a wedding!

Jaclyn especially enjoyed playing with Raniah, the youngest in the family. My initial connection was to help Raghad learn English, but they welcomed us into their community and family as if we had always known them. Their stories of loss made us much more aware of the privileges we often take for granted here in America.

Being able to connect my work – which enables others to buy or sell their homes – with those who have no home is such a privilege and a joy. Jaclyn and I dedicate this Seven Sent purchase to the Alhasani family! We love you!

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