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Seven Sent Provides Apartment Bins for Refugees

Recently, I was able to help the Schultz family purchase a home in my neighborhood! When closing time came, Scott and Lora chose Jaclyn’s cause benefitting refugee families in the Denver area. Seven percent of the proceeds from the close on their home went to provide necessities for refugees beginning a new life in America. When I asked Lora about her choice, this is what she said: “We chose Jaclyn’s mission because of Jordan and Jordi. They have changed our lives and taught us so much. We have been so blessed to have them become a part of our family. Because they are in America, they are graduating from high school in a month and are headed to college.”

Jordan and Jordi are refugees from the Congo. The Schultz family welcomed them to America and into their home two years ago. My daughter, Jaclyn, and I were thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with Lutheran Family Ministries! We were able to shop for and donate five apartment bins full of necessities to set up apartments in America.

Jaclyn, with our supplies

In addition, Taryn Bellavance – a dear friend and the loan officer that helped the Schultz’s secure their loan – also donated seven percent of her proceeds from the closing to go toward the purchase of new beds! With her donation and the remaining money after we bought the apartment supplies, Lutheran services secured four new beds!

Taryn, Me, Lora and Scott

Many thanks to Scott and Lora for entrusting me with this most important home purchase, as well as Taryn Bellavance, for her generosity.

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