Seven Sent Partners with Meghan’s Wish

Just a few weeks ago, I was able to help the Dear family sell their home. I give my clients the opportunity to choose where they would like the 7% from my proceeds to go (via my website), and they chose Meghan’s Wish in honor of their good friend, Vicki, whose family has recently begun the certification process to foster children in the state of Colorado.

Maddie Dear and Vicki Wootten

Our family was thrilled to have the opportunity to shop for necessities that will go directly to children entering the foster care system via Meghan’s Wish. Guinevere operates this foundation out of her home and stocks backpacks with clothing and toiletry items for children of all ages who often come into care with only the clothing on their backs. This is a means of restoring dignity and some sense of worth to individuals experiencing extreme trauma.

We were able to provide: 26 sets of pajamas, 131 pairs of socks, 99 pairs of underwear, 16 bras and 8 bottles of shampoo/conditioner. This Seven Sent cause belongs to our youngest son, Judd, who came to our home at the age of 10 months via the foster care system with nothing but the onesie a kind nurse had found for him to wear.

JC, the day we first met

We were able to develop a relationship with JC’s birth mom, and she later gave her rights to me in court. As a result, Judd became a Patrick forever on December 17, 2015.

Adoption Day!

Judd’s life opened our eyes to the world of neglect, addiction and abuse that is so prevalent in the world today. Our lives will never be the same because of this knowledge, and, as a result, we are committed as a family to engage and bring aid to these children and their families. Thank you, Eddie and Maddie, for helping make that possible!

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