7 Sent - Colorado Realtor Jamie Patrick

Judd’s Seven Sent Cause

Recently, I had the opportunity to share our story of fostering and adopting Judd in a two part podcast. If you are interested in hearing the story in its entirety, you can do so here and here. Judd has been in our home since he was ten months old. He came to us via a foster care placement in the state of Kentucky. When I got the call on a Wednesday afternoon to accept placement, I had no idea what the future held for us. I stopped to buy a carseat on my way to pick him up. He was placed into my arms with a diaper and a onesie someone had found for him at the facility where he was waiting for me. Nothing else. I had no formula, no diapers, no idea what size he wore in clothing…NOTHING. My teenage daughter and I took him to Target later that evening and proceeded to hold up clothing and try to guess what size he wore – along with purchasing bottles, formula, diapers, etc. As a result of Judd’s presence in our home, we are much more aware of the countless numbers of children in our communities all over the country who are experiencing almost identical loss right now. Because of this, we have chosen Meghan’s Wish as the cause Judd represents. If a client selects this organization, seven percent of my proceeds will go to provide supplies for children entering the foster care system.

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