Home Selling Checklist

Wisdom for Potential Home Buyers

  1. Get a realtor on your team.  Find a realtor you feel you can trust to work hard for you and have coffee or a meal together.  Begin discussing your goals for home buying. They can set you up on a portal tailored specifically to you through MLS that allows you quick access to homes as they hit the market.
  2. Go ahead with prequalification.  It is probably the least favorite part of home buying, but this does help you know your budget starting out and enables you to move quicker on an offer if and when you find “the one.”
  3. Keep realistic expectations.  This is often an issue.  Many go into the home purchasing process hoping to find exactly what they have envisioned, but very rarely will you find a home that meets every single expectation you have.  At the same time, make a list of non-negotiables ahead of time to enable you to make wise choices when your emotions begin to run high.
  4. Start low.  Especially in the Colorado market, many homes are selling above asking price.  Begin your searching process below your maximum prequalification amount. This allows room for potential bidding wars and can also give you an edge financially.
  5. Trust the inspection process.  Ride the high of an accepted offer, but also keep the inspection on your radar.  This will enable you to truly know what you are getting. In addition, remember that inspectors are trained to tell you not only significant issues, but also any potential issue they see in the home.  Watch for action points first and foremost.
  6. Have fun.  Buying a home is a huge undertaking – both financially and emotionally.  Remember that this purchase is going to become the outpost of your everyday life. Enjoy watching the dream unfold!

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