Home Buying Checklist

Home Buying Checklist

Being an informed and prepared home shopper can save time and potentially a lot of money. Here are a few things to watch for when you are checking out a prospective home:   



  • Plumbing – test the water pressure; look under sinks for signs of past leaks
  • Electrical – turn off/on light switches; in older homes, look for proximity, type and number of outlets in the home
  • Appliances – outdated or older appliances are a real headache at times
  • Furnace/AC/water heater – these can be costly to replace; try to find the date of installation – usually visible
  • Doors/windows – older homes can be difficult to heat and cool efficiently if the windows have not been upgraded/replaced; make sure there are no gaps around frames




  • Trees – look for possible dead trees or limbs that could fall on the house
  • Yard grading – be aware of low areas in the yard that may flood
  • Traffic – watch for busy intersections, nearby train tracks or other potentially noisy interferences


Ultimately, you need to decide what is most important to you in a home and what would be deal breakers.  It is quite easy to become emotionally attached to a potential property without truly assessing its pitfalls, so having a detailed checklist going in can prevent future financial heartache.

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