Home Selling Checklist

Ensuring a Successful Sale of Your Home

Before you list your home for sale, run through this simple checklist!

Curb appeal

  1. Driveway – Does it need repair? Is it clean?
  2. Roof – How old is it? What is the condition?
  3. Mailbox – Is it attractive?
  4. Front door – What stands out when you walk to the door? Would paint or a nice decoration/wreath enhance its beauty?
  5. Windows – Are they clean and crack free?
  6. Exterior paint – Do you see areas that need touch up?
  7. Garage door – How does it look? Is it operating smoothly?
  8. Front, side and back yard – Are there weeds that need pulling? Do you need some new flowers or fillers? Is the grass and landscaping neat and tidy?
  9. Your cars – Do you have a place you can take them for showings if they aren’t in great shape?
  10. Front entry – Is it inviting and free of clutter?


  1. Closets and rooms – How much can I remove? Remember that potential buyers need to be able to visualize the space as their own.
  2. Carpet – Does it need to be cleaned professionally? This is a relatively inexpensive way to make your home look and smell fresh.
  3. Door to garage – Is it clean and easily accessible? Is my garage clean and tidy?
  4. Interior paint – Are there places that need a touch up? Are there holes/marks that need patching or repair?
  5. Light bulbs – Do they all work? This is a quick fix.
  6. Furnace and air conditioner – Have I changed the filter recently? Do they need preemptive servicing or tune-up?
  7. Home aroma – Is it fresh and appealing? Use candles or air freshener, open windows, bake cookies

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